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Land-Based Salmon


London, 24th May 2023, Secret Smokehouse today announced that it is introducing land-based salmon. The land-based salmon comes from a cutting edge technology that aims to provide a more sustainable solution to fish farming, putting aquaculture and fish welfare at the forefront.

Max Bergius, founder and managing director of Secret Smokehouse commented: “We are thrilled to offer this innovative solution to the UK market as part of our commitment to sustainability. We strongly believe that innovation is needed to evolve more sustainable products which provides continual improvements in fish welfare whilst minimising the impact on our planet. Not only is this method potentially better for the environment, the salmon tastes absolutely fantastic and we challenge customers to taste the difference.”  

He adds that, “Since 2019, we have been looking for sustainable, land-based salmon options that provide the highest level of flavour and quality we demand for our products. With the hybrid FTS technology, we have seen this level and we are very happy to be the first in the UK to offer this as an alternative solution to our customers. Looking to the future, it is clear there is no single salmon production solution that ticks all the environmental, social and governance [ESG] boxes. Open net sea farming, off-shore and on-shore farming will all be important to support the growth of a sustainable aquaculture industry with tighter legislation and other factors have to be considered, depending on the local environment conditions and infrastructure. It is also clear that this is a period with many new opportunities, perhaps some learnings still to come but we believe FTS is so far the most interesting option currently available.” The salmon comes from a FTS technology from a land-based aquaculture production facility that raise salmon in a highly controlled environment out of the sea and, importantly, protects the fragile marine aquaculture.

The benefits of FTS salmon production include:

- Higher fish welfare, thanks to an optimised environment for fish growth and welfare - with control of temperature, water quality, feeds, and other environmental parameters
- Enables local production, meaning facilitates can be built closer to populated areas resulting in lower transportation costs/carbon footprint
- Reduced fish mortality rates
- Control and collection of fish waste to reduce pollution discharge to the fragile marine aquaculture and recovering nutrients
- Enhanced biosecurity - protecting fish from pathogens or predators - and lice reduction
- Protecting wild fish populations and surrounding aquamarine environment, including preventing escapees, which otherwise could be a potential cause to decrease in wild stock levels

Products are available to buy from Secret Smokehouse website [click here]. The Land-Based London Smoked Salmon is offered in addition to our existing products. We continue to source the very best farmed salmon and trout from Scotland with its RSPCA High Welfare standards plus our haddock and herring both sourced from British quota controlled waters.