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Blenheim Forge x Secret Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Slicer

Blenheim Forge x Secret Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Slicer

Over a year in development and making, this is quite honestly one of the most stunning slicing knives we have ever held and we are so proud to have worked with James and his mega team at Blenheim Forge to create this truly epic masterpiece.

We approached Blenheim Forger to discuss the perfect knife to slice our delicious smoked salmon. James and the incredible team threw a selection of their favorite slicers and Yanagibas at it and quickly realized that none of them were quite perfect for this particular task. What followed was many prototypes, a lot of testing and many smoked fish sliced up for the purposes of our research!

To achieve the springy, flexible blade that we were after James has used a high layer count mix of two different carbon steels. After hammering the blades close to final dimensions he used a manual press to forge a series of grooves along the length of the knife. 

During the grinding of these blades, the forged grooves become scalloped indents along the middle of the knife- similar to the indents (known as Grantons) that you see on old Sheffield carving knives.  In the past, BF have often regarded these scallops as a bit of a gimmick but the difference that they make for slicing this firm, slightly sticky smoked fish was a real eye opener. 

These blades would also lend themselves well to slicing cured meat, charcuterie as well as other fish prep work.

*** 3 week lead time on orders ***

Blade: 15n20 and 1095 high carbon steel
Handle: Rippled Oak 

Blade length: 360mm
Overall length: 475mm
Spine thickness at the handle: 5mm
Spine thickness at tip: 1mm
Blade Depth: 35mm