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Automated temperature monitoring in the Secret Smokehouse

Automated temperature monitoring in the Secret Smokehouse

testo Saveris 2 Automated temperature monitoring in the Secret Smokehouse

We have partnered with Testo to help us with our temperature monitoring that's now fully automated.

All food producers must adhere to numerous regulations, and standards, with the end goal of ensuring the quality and safety of food. A key requirement for HACCP and food safety is continuous temperature monitoring. This involves recording and documenting the temperatures of all fridges, freezers and areas where climate sensitive foods are stored.

The Secret Smokehouse supply high quality smoked fish to some of the UK’s top Michelin star chefs and restaurants, as well as delis and a small group of direct customers. A small, but rapidly growing operation, they were nominated for ‘Best Producer’ in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2017 and are proud to work with the likes of Jamie Oliver, Claude Bosi and the Clove Club in Shoreditch, to name a few.

The challenge
As a small-scale food producer, the EHO expect the business to be able to demonstrate how it manages HACCP and records what it does to make the food safe. A major part of this, is documentation of temperature values to show produce is stored correctly.

Before implementing testo Saveris 2, Secret Smokehouse were checking temperature using a combination of spot checks with a thermometer and reading the fridge/freezer thermostats. This means all checks are done so manually, and recorded with a pen and paper. Also, as they have since discovered, fridge thermostats aren’t always completely accurate. When opening the fridge or freezer door, the temperature reading on the thermostat dropped very quickly. This would indicate the produce was at a high risk of not being stored correctly. Another issue with the previous methodology, was if there was an issue with a temperature deviation (from a loss of power or freezer door being left open for example), they wouldn’t know until the next check. This could be too late to save valuable stock.

This drove Max Bergius, owner of Secret Smokehouse, to explore options to simplify and, if possible, automate their temperature control. Research lead Max to Testo Saveris 2, with the standout advantages of using cloud software to demonstrate due diligence and the removal of taking measurements manually.

The Solution
Testo Saveris 2 is an automated temperature monitoring system that stores all measurement data in one central place. Multiple measuring points can be incorporated into the system, meaning all fridges, freezers and storage locations are monitored simultaneously, with measurement data being transported directly to the cloud, where results can then be accessed remotely, via PC, tablet or smartphone.. This removes the need to collect data manually and there is no longer a potential for readings to go missing.

In the Secret Smokehouse’s case, they are using a total of 4 loggers to monitor their 3 fridges and 1 freezer. They also use the probe from one of their loggers to spot check fish, once smoked. Speaking to Harri Walters, production manager at Secret Smokehouse, he explained how with the introduction of Testo Saveris 2, they are already reaping the benefits of an automated monitoring system:

Before introducing Testo Saveris 2, Harri would need to perform a series of temperature spot checks; once in the morning and once at closing. The biggest advantage by far is not having to worry about food safety compliance. Testo Saveris 2 provides a straight forward way of proving due diligence and that Secret Smokehouse are monitoring temperature effectively.

Testo Saveris 2 - the advantages
Saves Time Without an automated system in place, an employee has to go through the whole site manually, checking each location. By automating this, all data is sent directly to cloud storage, allowing you / your employees additional time to focus on other important jobs. Reports are also collated and sent to you automatically so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Saves Money
Employing a temperature monitoring system can save you money in the long run, on wasted stock, product recalls etc. If there is a potential problem, thanks to the alarm function, you will be notified immediately, before it is too late.

Secure and Accessible Remotely
All data is stored in one central, secure place. Reports can be sent directly to you via email, so you don’t need to waste time checking each individual logger (or even going to the site for that matter). Alarms can be set to send via email, SMS or App.

User Friendly
Some monitoring systems require time-consuming installation and maintenance but with a wireless system such as testo Saveris 2 it is very simple to get set up and started.

“With the Testo system our temperature monitoring is practically effortless, and we no longer need to worry. All kitchens should invest; as a chef or food professional the last thing you need is additional tasks. Testo have been very friendly and professional during installation and throughout - a pleasure to deal with.” Harri Walters - Production Manager, Secret Smokehouse

More information

For more information on testo Saveris 2 or any Testo solutions please go to www.testo.co.uk or call us on +44 1420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help.