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We hand fillet each fish the moment it arrives, delivered direct from the sea. The fresher the fish, the sweeter it tastes.

Each fillet is individually inspected and respected. We hand cure with dry salt and nothing else. No additives. No sugars. No fishy business.

Once cured, all fish are washed down and left to dry naturally. The magic happens at every phase, no more so than when we add our oak smoke that gives it the uniquely mild ‘London Cure’ flavour, renowned for its consistently creamy and smoky texture.

Every step takes time and we only move onto the next stage when it’s ready. We are using the skills that are on our doorstep, passed down from the Master Smoker and the Master Filleter - to name but two.

We are bringing the traditional small batch art of smoking back home to the East End of London where it all started in late 1800's.

So here goes!