Our Fish

Our fishes are the star of the show and we take great pride in sourcing the absolute best from UK waters only. We do not compromise on quality meaning we will not use second best. It's either the best or nothing. Salmon & Trout are from the cold, fresh tidal sea off Scotland.

The Scottish Farmed Salmon [Salmon Salar] we buy comes from a producer that's part of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) is at the centre of Scottish salmon farming’s industry-wide initiatives. It represents a huge Scottish success story, an outstanding example of a ‘good food’, both in terms of its exceptional nutritional value and its standards of production. Scottish Farmed Salmon has been awarded EU PGI status, marking its quality and distinctive origins, and it was one of the earliest international food products to be awarded the coveted French Label Rouge designation.


Scottish Farmed Salmon Label Rouge

PGI is awarded by the European Commission and is an initiative which protects and promotes the designation of a quality food or farmed product, linked to the name of a region, a specific location or, in exceptional cases, that of a country. 

To hold PGI, Scottish salmon farmers must comply with the criteria laid down in a specification approved by the European Commission and controlled by an independent Certifying Body, Food Certification International Ltd.

Scottish Farmed Salmon PGI

We don't stop there, our fish welfare is also extremely important to us. The happier they are the better the flavour & quality. Our salmon & trout producers are both RSPCA High Welfare Certified.